I am one of those rare people who is both creative and technical. Not only can I design stylish graphics for interactive pieces, but I can handle the code to make them function as well. I've not only designed the graphics and animation for promotional Flash games, but also integrated them with backend databases via XML, providing real-time monitoring and control of a promotion as it progresses. I can work magic with pixels in Photoshop as readily as I can make a website layout dynamically using PHP. I am completely comfortable in both creative and technical roles, and will often find myself at the center of projects for that very reason.

This online portfolio showcases some of my best work over the years. Each piece conveys my sense of style and color, and illustrates my sensitivity to functionality and organization.

I am an accomplished Interactive and Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience. My employers have ranged from big-business advertising to event & exhibition services to the independent music industry. I've worked in a variety of roles from Interactive Designer to Art Director to Project Manager. Often I've been at the lead for a team of professionals, having coordinated between Copywriters, Programmers, and Graphic Designers, each in their own professional language. At the same time I've worked side-by-side with Account Executives and clients alike to identify their needs and help achieve their goals.

Through it all I've excelled by staying organized while being creative, and staying focused on the solution.

I am organized, observant, dedicated, resourceful, and creative, able to work outside of the box when required, yet still thrive within structured team environments. Whether developing a promotional Flash game or setting up an office outside of London, I work to find the best solution to whatever challenge I am presented with.

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